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If you’re a Mortgage Branch Manager or Loan Officer who has built a successful business, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a lot of hard work, we share a mutual vision.

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In every decision, MiMutual has created a culture of excellence, accountability and stellar service that permeates the entire company. This culture stretches from the corporate office to every branch creating a consistent experience.




Doing the right thing all of the time.


Problem Solving

Looking for a way when one isn't outlined.



Doing the best work even when you don't have all the necessary tools.



Treating customers and team members like your favorite family members.



Enjoying work and promoting a healthy and happy atmosphere.



From its very beginning, MiMutual Mortgage has focused on building a culture that supports and encourages relationships built on trust and respect.

Sure, we have all the trappings of most independent mortgage bankers who have also thrived over the last quarter-century, including all three agency approvals and a servicing portfolio, and all the other buzz word terms we all list on our marketing materials. But none of those attributes truly explains our success.

Looking for a way when one isn't outlined. It’s our commitment to a Raving Fans level experience for our customers – including our employees - that is the underpinning of our success.

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We believe in seeking out the best technology, marketing and product partners to join forces with.
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