MIMUTUAL MORTGAGE offers its Sales Teams the mortgage industry's most comprehensive range of training and development programs, covering key roles and levels of experience - transforming organizations and delivering real, measurable ROI.

The Edge!

Our Online Series students also receive over 50 post-class business tools at no additional cost. Combined with the training, these tools help loan officers generate and sustain a measurable increase in production. The program includes tools such as:

  • Business Plan Sample and Template
    • Key Target® Profile Worksheets
      • Call Reluctance eBook (90+ pages)
        • Call Reluctance Action Plan
          • One-on-One Presentation Script and Template
            • Unique Value Proposition Sample and Template
              • Database Call Sheet
                • Weekly Meeting Agenda
                  • Weekly Flight Plan Sample and Template
                    • Referral Request Script

Current Class Progress:

What will you learn?

Current Class Stats

  • Created New Disciplines.83%
  • Created a comprehensive business plan.67%
  • Enriched my relationship strategy50%
  • Obtained new key targets50%

Business gained as a result of participating:


What did you like most about the first 4 weeks of the EDGE?

  • "This pushes me to be more organized and to get out of my comfort zone for sure!"

    Branch Manager
    Edge Class

    Branch Manager
    Edge Class
  • "Looking forward to implementing these simple and effective ideas!"

    Branch Manager
    Edge Class
  • "I love how this class is fun to attend and gets people motivated to do these tasks"
    Branch Manager
    Edge Class
  • "Getting simple and effective ideas that I would have NEVER thought of!  Looking forward to implementing them and seeing my production increase."

    Branch Manager
    Edge Class

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